MK is a man with an interesting history. He started out at Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records back in 1989 and spent a few years learning his trade. A remix job for an obscure Scottish band called The Nightcrawlers – made at an airport with very little equipment after the label rejected the first effort – changed things.

Suddenly, he was a major label darling. If a label wanted something remixed, they’d open their wallets, offer him £15,000 and MK would churn out some new mixes – especially the dubs which he became notorious for. It was a money spinner for four years – he started getting involved in hip-hop from 1996, bored of being expected by majors to replicate a remix he did four years earlier.

He was away from house music until the early 2010s. Then the sound of the MK era was coming back into vogue, and things started to take off again. This time around, he’s out DJing on top of everything else – and now, he’s branching out into the NFT phenomenon…

When I wrote about NFTs back on Boxing Day, I was undecided on all this stuff. But the more I read about it, the more I’m beginning to suspect this is just another idea for making money which will be utilised by people who are either already rich, or celebrity wannabe types.

And here’s an example of just what rubbish people are apparently prepared to buy on the NFT platform – pictures of jars some non-entity has farted into. I really wish I was making this up, but the full story is even more ridiculous than it sounds.

Maybe the gassy, malodorous contents of the cartoon jar is a metaphor for all this NFT business…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.