After Marc Kinchen becomes the latest convert to the NFT phenomenon (after a phone call with Steve Aoki, of all people!) – isn’t the truth that you can sell any old rubbish on the platform?

MK is a man with an interesting history. He started out at Kevin Saunderson's KMS Records back in 1989 and spent a few years learning his trade. A remix job for an obscure Scottish band called The Nightcrawlers - made at an airport with very little equipment after the label…

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Texas promises $10k to anyone who shops a woman seeking an abortion attacks – isn’t it time DJs from the dance music world made their disapproval clear to see, or do they care more about their bank balances?

Anyone who cares about women's rights should be extremely concerned about what's happening in Texas right now. With the support of the US Supreme Court, the southern state has made abortion illegal in all circumstances. And if you think that's bad, it gets worse. If you find out about a…

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Is there anyone in dance music who ISN’T a crook, part four? MK resuscitated a long dead career in house through Storm Queen – but Damon C Scott, the voice of “Look Right Through”, never made a penny!

The treatment of singers in house music was always something I was uneasy about. Countless singers on house records never receive the credit they deserve. During my short time in the house music world making and releasing records, I was never quite sure how to handle this. Everyone knows that…

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