What would happen if you stuck all the anti-vaxxers in dance music on Danny Rampling’s Love Groove Dance Party bus? Aside from the rest of us hoping Rampling drives it straight into the Bermuda Triangle, there’s little doubt the bus would certainly be a noisy place.

Random stories about their careers would be punctuated with bad taste games where they’d come up with the ultimate DJ set to play in a busy intensive care ward full of Covid patients struggling to breathe. And now, Rampling’s fail bus has made its latest stop to pick up another passenger – DJ Sneak.

Here’s Sneak on Instagram getting into rows with his followers on his latest stance. And the argumentative Sneak – who claims he’s had the virus twice – from days gone by is very much present in the comments…


I have had my suspicions about Sneak for a while. Like a number of anti-vaxxer DJs in the USA, his touring schedule appears to be consist almost entirely of states which have, shall we say, more relaxed Covid restrictions. Whereas the state of New York – where only being double jabbed gets you into the clubs – have effectively rendered the anti-vax brigade as persona non grata.

Still, what I can’t help but wonder is, why now? Over the past few years, Sneak has kept himself out of arguments after a period when he was more well known for beefing than anyone else in house music. Is this just Sneak – real name Carlos Sosa – letting that side of his character out once again?

Perhaps his energies would be better focused on delivering on his promise to remove his music from the digital stores…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.