Many years ago, something important dawned on me. It was the fact that the overwhelming majority of people’s opinions on personal matters are ultimately irrelevant. Aside from a small number of close friends and family, what most other people think is of no importance whatsoever.

For example, a younger version of myself would probably have been upset when Yousef blocked my Twitter account. But now? It’s a badge of honour to be effectively cancelled by an egotistical, thin-skinned wimp who responds to the death of an alleged rapist by posting a gushing, nauseating tribute.

Blog favourite Scott Diaz appears to have had this realisation too. For years, he’s done work with Loopmasters, sample packs and sound design. But he rarely mentioned it, because he was concerned people would somehow think less of him – this despite the fact many famous producers use sample packs themselves, though few would admit it.

Yet during the first lockdown of 2020, many of those same producers who’d previously criticised sample packs started making them. And as this blog has covered this week, online courses is the latest money-making wheeze – or adapting to the times, as it’s more politely known. I bet they’re glad Amateur’s House only came into existence last year…

Diaz recently launched Nitelife Audio, where he could sell his own sample packs – and there are some very good ones in there too. But crucially, he’s noticed one thing – part of the reason it’s going well for him is because he’s openly advertising that it’s his baby. In other words, Diaz is being proud of what he is and what he’s made.

Which is, bluntly, the most inspiring message of all in his post. Just one other point, though – Scott, if you’re reading this, try smiling a bit more in your press photos. We’ve all seen more than enough pictures of DJs doing their utmost to look depressed and bored with life…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.