On the week that someone drove an oversized frying pan on the back of their lorry, I go through the records you’d be proud to play and display in your lorry, your van or indeed anywhere…

Zed Bias Feat. Jaki Graham – The Music (Foliage)
When I think of Zed Bias, things more on the speed garage come to mind. This is anything but. It’s slower, but it works extremely well in this case. Jaki Graham is a singer and songwriter of several decades and her experience shows here. Infact, when you combine Graham’s career with Bias, you’ve got around 70 years experience here comfortably. It makes for one very smooth record.

Alfredo Norese Feat. Aquilla Fearon & Matteo Esposito – Can You Feel It (Plastik People)
Now here’s an interesting one – which mercifully is not a cover of the old Jackson 5 song. The original is good, if not a little short. Out of the other three mixes, label boss Marc Cotterell brings out his softer side, and as for the mysterious Groove Boys? Kerri Chandler called, wandering how they managed to travel back in time to his studio in 1993

DJ Vivona Feat. Jinadu – Higher Love (Major Underground)
Quentin Harris. Now there’s a name which is a byword for quality. We don’t hear much from him these days. All I know is I’ve never been disappointed by one of his many remixes – and that record today remains unbroken. You’ll struggle not to dance to it…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.