On the week that a toddler managed to get his head stuck inside a toilet training seat and had to be freed by firefighters, I go through the records to separate the bog standard from the quilted toilet paper…84904

Lee Wilson Cleveland P. Jones, John Andrews 1st & Makz Keys – Hold On (Ocha)
There’s an awful lot of people involved in the production, to say the least. But when two of the best male singers in house music today – Lee Wilson and Cleveland P Jones – are on board, this is going to be hard to ignore. The original is a good song, if a little short-lived, but the Reelsoul remix breathes a little more life into proceedings. Very enjoyable.

Demarkus Lewis – Love That Bump (Phoenix Music)
The Demarkus Lewis hit making factory churns out its latest product off the supply line. It’s just as bumpy as the title suggests. So even if it’s something you probably won’t remember in a year’s time, it does the job it says on the tin.

Glen Horsborough & Tracy Hamlin – Still Need Love (Let There Be House)
This was a slightly unexpected collaboration – Hamlin tends normally to work with labels more like Quantize. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable record. It’s got the vocals you’d expect from Hamlin and all the big piano sounds you’d expect from Horsborough. A fine job.

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