This blog makes no secret of the fact it enjoys poking fun at Nervous Records. I’d prefer not to – this is a label which still takes a lot of risks with some of its releases, compared to the blandness I see elsewhere. And I must concede their current release with Wez Whynt and Hannah Khemoh is brilliant.

But their advertising is simply nonsense. This isn’t the 1970s anymore and the criticism that they’re objectifying women in their promotional material recently got a response from the label. Which is why I was intrigued to see the latest developments on the merchandising front – something which Nervous has always seen as important even in its earlier days.

They’ve just launched a range of shirts and hats for their Made In Miami label – and the usual scantily clad ladies are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the model has been replaced by Michael Weiss, the boss at Nervous…

I must admit I’m surprised. Given the amount of time Weiss appears to spend with the Nervous models at their events, I would have thought he’d learned a little bit more than is evident here – although full marks to him for effort. Cracking a smile and looking like you actually want to wear the clothes might help, though.

Still, well done on managing to actually wear the clothes – some of the regular models can’t even manage that. A bit more practice and they’ll soon be out of work, Mike…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.