These days, Nervous Records make much of their range of merchandise. Given that records don’t sell in the way they once used to, this is hardly the surprise of the century. But you might be interested to note how their stuff has changed over the years.

These days, Nervous are into advertising blue T-shirts which are not being worn by the model in the photo – for some reason, she’s parading her backside in the lead photo whilst wearing next to nothing. And on January 23rd this year, they were flogging sun visors on their social media platforms. On that day in their native New York, there were daytime temperatures of 2°C and -4°C during the night…

Still, there was a time when the label could give people things which were actually useful. Back in 1996 at what was then called the Miami Music Conference, Nervous were giving out sachets of branded suntan lotion. And just in case you think I’m making this up, here’s something which appeared in the June 1996 issue of Muzik Magazine about it…

Sadly, the identity of the “unidentified music biz bod” referred to in the article remains a mystery.

Thanks to the Muzik Magazine bot on Twitter for the heads up on this one.

By The Editor

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