Peggy Gou

DJ Mag, who run the Top 100 DJs poll, now have the Alternative Top 100 DJs poll which was won by bastion of underground music Charlotte De Witte – brace yourselves, the stupid REALLY burns on this one!

The dance music press must think their average reader is an idiot. No doubt some will object to this description - and I wish I didn't have to make it. There are some decent people working in it - Harold Heath and Megan Townsend to name but two - but…

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Did someone leave a demo at The Music Box? Peggy Gou releases new single called “Nabi” – and it’s so dated it comes with its own mullet and shoulder pads

The press release has gone out to the mainstream dance music press, and they've all dutifully provided the great Peggy Gou with glowing reviews of her new single "Nabi". And judging by the way they're writing about it, you'd think she'd just discovered a cure for every type of cancer…

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