The press release has gone out to the mainstream dance music press, and they’ve all dutifully provided the great Peggy Gou with glowing reviews of her new single “Nabi”. And judging by the way they’re writing about it, you’d think she’d just discovered a cure for every type of cancer in existence.

Luckily for my readers, I’m not a press release, copy and paste journalist along the lines favoured by Mixmag and Resident Advisor. So I can tell you exactly what I think. Let’s start with a positive. I think it’s great to hear different languages on records – this is one of the first times I’ve heard Korean on a record, and I happen to like it.

Unfortunately, my compliments end there. The drums remind me of early house records, but not in a good way. The BPM is too slow, so it just doesn’t work. Frankly, it sounds like someone didn’t finish programming the drum pattern – there’s not much sign of life here.

Then comes in the dreaded Korg M1 piano – a piano that sounded crap when it first came out in 1988 and sounds even worse now. Yes, it appeared on a lot of records in that era, but at least they had the excuse that all synthesised pianos were crap back then.

Dear oh dear. I’m all for tunes sounding a little retro, but when they start sounding like unfinished demos that were handed to Ron Hardy at The Music Box to see how they were received, you’ve gone a little too far the other way.

Judge for yourself here. You might like it. Feel free to tell me whether you agree or disagree..

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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