On the week that seven police officers turned up when someone saw a fake corpse, I go through the tunes that I bereave are the best of the week. Tunes to die for – well, maybe not literally.

Ann Nesby & DJ Sidney Perry – Turn It Up (Quantize)
Few people in house music love gospel more than Quantize, and even fewer are better placed to know what to do with it. I’m not sure why so many mixes of this were necessary, but it’s a very enjoyable tune nonetheless. The Spen & Hudgins mix and Spen’s dub are my picks.

Dave Anthony Feat. Lisa Millett – Be My Love (Newtown)
Most singers voices get weaker as they get older. It’s an inescapable, if not sad, fact. Lisa Millett is one of few exceptions to this rule – her voice now actually sounds stronger than it did in the “Bad Habit” days. The experience from both Millett and Anthony on this production really shows. It’s pretty clever, sophisticated stuff. I’d love to see an alternative take from one of the Newtown regulars on this…

Benson Feat. Lizzie Jai – Caught Up (Arima)
I don’t know much about Liz Jai, but I’ve seen her name on a lot of things I’ve liked lately. One to watch? It’s entirely possible. The original of this is good, but needs a little bit more in it to provide a bit more impact for my tastes. Thankfully, the Robert Rivera remix is much closer to what I like in this regard. Very nice indeed!

DJ Disciple Feat. Beatweezy – You Know I Like It (After The Wedding Party) (Catch 22)
The vocals on this feel like they’re being played too fast at times. Minor irritance aside, this is a good tune. Oh, and if you think you don’t know who Ian Vaughnshay is, fear not. One Google search, if the production didn’t entirely give it away, reveals it to be an alias for Demarkus Lewis. After making jokes in the past about Lewis remixing all of Disciple’s tunes, I think I might be getting trolled…

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