On the week a man refused to take his mask off for, ahem, relations with his wife – even though they’re both fully vaccinated against the coronavirus – I seperate the tunes that’ll have you taking the mask off with joy from the ones that you just wish the mask covered your whole face…

Harley&Muscle Feat. Robert Owens – Won’t Go Back (Soulstar)
It always baffles me when releases feature lots of mixes that sound the same. The first three fall into that category. Thankfully, the remixes save this one. Mo’Cream lets the bassline lead, and Big Fish lets the synths lead. However, Kerri Chandler turns out a surprisingly sparse but slightly jazzy version – more sophisticated than it first seems.

IQ Musique Feat. Richelle Hicks – Whatcha Gonna Do (Blu Lace Music)
Soweto based IQ Musique and Richelle Hicks are always a winning combination, and this is no exception to the rule. The main mix is IQ’s signature sound, Rick Lenoir churns out two more percussive led mixes – but it’s the Louie Gomez that’s my favourite. Those chords sound quirky at the start and that lures me in until the end. Another brilliant release from BluLace.

Angel A – Where You Are (totheRock)
This is a very deep release all around. I’m not surprised, because this suits the vocals down to the ground. Ziggy Funk’s efforts are not to be sniffed at, but there’s something about the Wez Whynt mixes here I like. The vocal mix reminds me of the Om compilations from the mid-2000s and the dub? Well, regular readers will know I love a good dub – and Wez has a great one here.

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