One of the mysteries in the world of dance music is why it seems to be a prerequisite that in all pictures taken of those in the scene, they must look utterly, utterly miserable. You’ll see it in social media shots, pictures for magazines and the rest – they must look as if they’ve just discovered their dog is dead.

But what if, thanks to the wonders of photoshop technology, there was a solution? Well, seeing that they refuse to just smile in the pictures in the first place, this will have to do.

Let’s start with DJ and remixer to the stars, David Morales. On the left, he looks like Mariah Carey has said she never wants to see him again. On the right, a different story!

Next up, it’s a man who never fails to bother the upper echelons of the Traxsource charts with his mostly deeper house sound, Sebb Junior. On the left, Sebb before his morning coffee. On the right, Sebb just as the effects of that caffeine are starting to come in…

And finally for now, Yousef. On the left, a sad Yousef at the start of lockdown. On the right, Yousef after finding out he was going to get to do a test event…

DJs smiling in photoshoots? This could catch on, you know…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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