As someone who runs a blog with an average of five posts per weekday – slightly less on weekends – I do understand the pressure that people are under to keep the fresh content coming in. And whilst most days aren’t a problem for me, I won’t deny I get the odd day where stories are a bit thin on the ground.

Billboard appear to have had a similar day last week, deciding to commission someone to run an article about pop singer Billie Eilish. I don’t know much about her, other than she seems popular in certain quarters at the moment – but the specific subject of the article was what raised eyebrows.

It was all to do with the different hairstyles Eilish has had over the years – as if somehow a woman changing the style of her hair is somehow considered unusual. To the best of my knowledge, Billboard haven’t done a similar article about any men in music – but this gave me an idea, if not the mostly gormless staff in the dance music press these days.

For instance, Mixmag are currently running a story about some dismal new song Pete Tong has put out. What a wasted opportunity. Perhaps a more interesting article would have consisted of showing his past haircuts – along with a few others that don’t exist thanks to the wonders of computer technology.

Or Resident Advisor could invite Carl Craig to do an interview. After asking him to confirm that he definitely isn’t dead contrary to hoax reports online, they could publish a photo album showing all the various do-rags he uses despite having as much hair as a potato.

In the meantime, DJ Mag could respond with a 500-image collection of all the hats Louie Vega has worn over the years. Chicago’s 5 Magazine could ask Sterling Void to show them all the places where he used to buy crack rock. Defected could even run social media pieces asking what happened to boss Simon Dunmore’s hair.

Well, given most of them are shameless fans of clickbait, they might as well up the effort in their offerings…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.