The social media feeds of Danny Rampling, a DJ who used to be an okay selector but a bit rubbish at mixing, truly is a cesspit nowadays. Only the other day, he put out a post for Us For Them, a campaign group that doesn’t want kids to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

I get the feeling Rampling hasn’t really looked at what this campaign is about. From what I can see, the campaign’s premise appears to be that adults should protect their children by getting the vaccine themselves. Whilst this isn’t exactly consistent with attending protesters with anti-vaxxers, Rampling has shown already that consistency is not his best feature.

Back in 1987, the story goes that Rampling went with his friends Paul Oakenfold, Nick Holloway and Johnny Walker on a holiday to Ibiza. Word is that whilst listening to one of Alfredo’s sets – combining pop, soul and jazz with imported house tracks from the USA – they decided to take some MDMA.

Whilst off their heads on ecstasy, they discovered that the drug reduced their inhibitions on the dancefloor. I wonder whether he demanded to see certification documents confirming that the pills had been tested and was safe for human consumption?

Curious how he’s suddenly concerned about whether drugs have been tested for safety. This Damascean conversion is about as believable as Derrick May’s claims that he’s a real musician

By The Editor

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