I recently wrote about how Djoon, the French nightclub, is trying to raise money to remain open. Their fundraiser is going okay at the moment, having raised some 40% of the €50,000 target so far. And to generate a bit more engagement with the club, they’ve teamed up with Traxsource to run a remix contest.

You’ve got until June 20th if you want to try this one. The stems are here, and you need to email it back to Djoon by the date. It’s a track they put out with Kenny Bobien in 2010.

Personally, I’m just surprised they didn’t ask Terrence Parker for one. He shared the fundraiser a while ago, although I was more curious to find out whether Parker had paid back the money he owed various people…

As for Kenny Bobien, this song came out in happier times. Only three years later, American TV viewers were surprised to discover Bobien on the Stateside version of the now defunct Jeremy Kyle show – then immersed in a dispute with Stephanie Cooke…

Here’s some footage someone filmed off their telly…

Not your finest hour, Mr Bobien.

Update: It was actually Stephanie Cooke in this video, not Su Su Bobien. Apologies for the error.

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  1. Danny

    It’s Stephanie Cooke who he married after SuSu in the video. You’re welcome 😉

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