Oh, how I do enjoy mocking Mixmag, the dance music magazine that covers a 24/7 culture – but only during office hours. Yet I also admit to being baffled how their operation continues to run without editors.

Proofreading material before it’s published is an important job. It ensures that everything published reads correctly and can’t be misinterpreted. It can also avoid potential legal issues by ensuring that nothing is left in for the ambulance chasers to pick over.

Mixmag’s team at the moment appears to consist of around three regular writers and, well, not much else. And as anyone who’s ever worked in newspapers, magazines or anything similar online can testify, journalists don’t usually write the headlines that accompany their articles.

That task is normally left to the editors. Which makes you wonder what they were thinking when they published this headline

Nine ravers look forward to the return of clubbing? Is that nine clubbers they’ve spoken to who are eagerly anticipating going out again – or literally just nine people who are awaiting the return of clubs with excitement? Because both statements have notable differences.

This is why headline writers matter…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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