Back on Friday, I started my weekly trawl for the latest and best new releases, and I came across this one. It’ll be in the Six On Saturday column when it hits the download stores, that’s for sure. It’s a new remix of “Love Changed Me” by Joseph Capriati, Eric Kupper and Byron Stingily.

And it’s surprised me for three reasons. One, it’s by Dave Clarke. Two, it’s not a techno version – it’s indisputably house. And three, it’s bloody brilliant. No other way to put it. It reminds me of the stuff the likes of David Morales and Frankie Knuckles used to do in the early 90s.

Have a listen to it below. Dave Clarke insisted that he wasn’t getting paid for this remix and that proceeds were paid to the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation instead.

I note that a few other names have remixed this song already, such as Steve Rachmad, Frank Wiedemann and Toto Chiavetta – oh, and a certain duo called Masters At Work. I’m guessing they’ll have been paid remix fees for their work on this – I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t the case.

For example, I spoke a while ago to someone who took an interest in this article I wrote about Masters At Work. He revealed to me he’d commissioned remixes from the men in the past – and whilst refusing to disclose how much they cost, he simply said “Let’s just say they drive a hard bargain and that has never changed”.

Any chance they, along with the others, could hand their hefty remix fees to a charity of their choice too?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.