After DJ Mag plug their video of David Guetta re-editing one of his own tracks to make it even more crap, Dave Clarke gives a caustic take in the comments…

Sometimes, there’s no need for a big blurb before I get to the point of an article. This is one of those times. On Friday, DJ Mag published this on their Facebook page. It wasn’t long before Dave Clarke came along to have his say…

Nothing to add here…

As Dave Clarke turns in a sublime remix of “Love Changed Me” and insists proceeds go to charity, what’s the odds of Masters At Work doing the same thing?

Back on Friday, I started my weekly trawl for the latest and best new releases, and I came across this one. It’ll be in the Six On Saturday column when it hits the download stores, that’s for sure. It’s a new remix of “Love Changed Me” by Joseph Capriati, Eric Kupper and Byron Stingily.

And it’s surprised me for three reasons. One, it’s by Dave Clarke. Two, it’s not a techno version – it’s indisputably house. And three, it’s bloody brilliant. No other way to put it. It reminds me of the stuff the likes of David Morales and Frankie Knuckles used to do in the early 90s.

Have a listen to it below. Dave Clarke insisted that he wasn’t getting paid for this remix and that proceeds were paid to the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation instead.

I note that a few other names have remixed this song already, such as Steve Rachmad, Frank Wiedemann and Toto Chiavetta – oh, and a certain duo called Masters At Work. I’m guessing they’ll have been paid remix fees for their work on this – I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t the case.

For example, I spoke a while ago to someone who took an interest in this article I wrote about Masters At Work. He revealed to me he’d commissioned remixes from the men in the past – and whilst refusing to disclose how much they cost, he simply said “Let’s just say they drive a hard bargain and that has never changed”.

Any chance they, along with the others, could hand their hefty remix fees to a charity of their choice too?

Dave Clarke speaks the truth about plague raves. But why can the Baron of Techno not speak about Derrick May?

I have come to have a certain amount of respect for Dave Clarke over the past few months. When I initially blogged about him earlier in the year, I wasn’t very nice about him – particularly about his reluctant to speak out over mounting allegations of sexual abuse by Derrick May.

Has my view on him changed lately?

Somewhat, yes. I happen to agree 100%, for example, with his belief that the elder statesmen of dance music have a duty to speak out about issues in the scene. It’s something most of them shamefully neglect to do – here’s looking at you, Harry Romero! – and he seems to be more honest than most.

Here, for instance, he used his Facebook page to point out numerous things about plague raves and the supine, lazy dance music press that I wholeheartedly agree with.

But this is what I don’t understand. Mr Clarke is more than happy to talk about the scene, but when it comes to one of the stalwarts of the techno scene he loves being mired in sexual abuse allegations, he has little to say.

From what my sources tell me, Clarke is as keen as anyone else to see what the truth behind all the allegations is. He’s also said that if Derrick May is found guilty of any of the allegations, he should be banished and never allowed to work in music again.

Once again, I find myself in total agreement. But I have to question why he’s being so reticent on this subject. He himself admits that he believes in plain speaking about the industry, and no one is claiming that he must express himself in a particular manner.

On this issue, however, I simply must raise an issue. No less than 18 different women have now accused May of various degrees of sexual mispropriety, up to and including rape. Graphic accounts from several women have been published – so graphic that I understand that Resident Advisor’s lawyers ordered one particularly hideous detail to be removed before publication.

One allegation, that could be questioned. Two, maybe. But 18 different ones?

Speak up, Mr Clarke and soon. Many will listen closely to what you have to say.

Is Derrick May appearing at 51st State Festival? Mystery as festival bosses both deny and refuse to deny rumours on social media

I’ve been looking at this over the past few days and I’ve decided to post about it. Perhaps it’ll help clear up the mystery of whether Derrick May – accused of rape and sexual assault by no less than 20 different women – will be appearing at the 51st State Festival in August.

Currently, this flyer is doing the rounds. Derrick May’s name is clearly stated quite high up the poster.

This is where things start to get a little confusing. The festival last year was due to take place on August 1st. However, due to this thing called the coronavirus sweeping the world – you might have heard for it – it was cancelled. The date of this flyer is correct – Saturday 7th August 2021.

Nonetheless, Derrick May’s name is clearly stated. So when Dave Clarke – great DJ, crap journalist – posted an interview with the dog whistle claim that allegations against May were “hazy”, questions were aimed towards 51st State Festival about whether he was still on the lineup. On Facebook, they responded to one person with this.

That’s a pretty categorical answer there from 51st State Festival. Someone should get around to updating their flyer! However, this is where things get a little confusing.

Annabel Ross, the journalist who wrote two exposes on Derrick May, asked 51st State Festival about this on Twitter on Friday. She received this response.

Their own flyer claims that he is appearing, yet their own social media channels are communicating that he’s not playing and also that they can’t confirm anything yet.

My conclusion? The people at 51st State Festival don’t seem to know their arses from the elbows. You might want to hold off booking until a scintilla of competence makes its presence known…

Great DJ, crap journalist – meet Dave Clarke!

Back at the end of January, I wrote about a question that a few people have made observations on. Namely, why isn’t the self-styled Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke, isn’t making a big song and dance about the allegations surrounding Derrick May.

I wasn’t very nice to him – you can read it for yourself here. And I regret to say that I’m about to be even less nice. It’s a shame, because I honestly used to think that Clarke was a man of integrity. That’s an increasingly questionable assertion.

Anyway, the criticism has obviously got to him. He’s made an appearance on Selector News, where he’s interviewed Annabel Ross. She’s the journalist who has published two detailed articles on Resident Advisor detailing women’s alleged attacks at the hands of Derrick May.

Yet here’s where things get very shady. Before Ross has even got one syllable of a word out, Clarke has prefaced his interview with these words…

“Ross also published allegations of sexual harassment and assault involving Detroit DJ Derrick May in two separate RA articles. With many factors in the story still hazy, I thought…”

Pardon my French, but what the fuck does Dave Clarke think he’s playing at here? This is the woman who wrote two exposes of the man himself. Yet in the article, he briefly refers to the allegations but does so solely from some kind of journalistic perspective.

Feel free to read the article in its entirety here. Let’s just say that if this is the best “journalism” that Clarke can muster, he should probably stick to the job he’s actually good at.

Derrick May and who you won’t see talking about him

Dave Clarke has had something of a good pandemic. His views about plague raves and the importance of not spreading this awful virus have resonated with a lot of people. I happen to agree with him thoroughly on the matter.

But there is one thing that I am rather uneasy about regards the self-styled “Baron of Techno”. And that is his silence on one particular subject. Reading interviews he gives and his frequent social media output, he is pretty open about his views on a wide variety of subjects. He seems happy to share his opinions.

I have noticed, however, that there is one thing that Clarke has not commented on, even though the matter first arose early in 2020. That would be the ongoing legal troubles and sexual assault allegations against Derrick May.

On this, he has yet to say a single word. Being as high up in the world of techno as Clarke is, it’s inconceivable that he would not be aware of the claims that May is facing. The two of them have been on the same lineups numerous times.

Indeed, I’m led to believe the two are friends. Clarke has a sideline in the world of photography – as it happens, he’s rather good at it. And sure enough, who do you see photographed around halfway down the article from March 2020, some two months after the allegations started swirling and mounting up?

Step forward, Derrick May.

It appears the Baron of Techno has plenty to say – so long as you’re not his personal friend…