Oh, what a difference a week makes. Last weekend, Greek producer T Markakis ranted online – making allegations that record label Glasgow Underground hadn’t paid him for his most recent release. Label boss Kevin McKay made a statement denying all his allegations.

But in the middle of last week, things went quiet. The steady flow of arguments and counter arguments stopped. For some reason, T Markakis didn’t wish to continue the fight he’d started. Now, Amateur’s House can reveal that there was a little bit more going on – which Markakis curiously didn’t mention in his rant.

T Markakis released two singles through Glasgow Underground during 2020. The first was called “That Jazz Feeling” and the second was “You Got The Love”. The latter of these two was a cover of Candi Staton’s song, first released in 1986. And as I understand it, the original demo contained the Candi Staton acapella – which had to be re-recorded for the track to be released.

But he didn’t tell anyone where the samples from the first record came from. So allow me to help out. The jazz appears to have come from a 1986 release called “Skain’s Domain” by Wynton Marsalis. It starts from around 3 minutes and 53 seconds in. And as for the vocals on “That Jazz Feeling”?

They were lifted directly from “Bring Back That Feeling” by Jason Jinx. The song was originally released on Subliminal back in 2000. Sadly, I will never know if Jinx approved of the song – he died two years ago. But he didn’t mention any of this information to Glasgow Underground at the time of signing it to them.

The result? I’m reliably informed that both of Markakis’s releases are in the process of being removed from the Glasgow Underground archives. The process will take a few days, but should be finished soon. Both productions from Markakis will be removed from both downloads and streaming of any kind.

Being effectively cancelled by one of the biggest labels in house music isn’t going to do your career any good, Tasos…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.