We’ve all seen those adverts on the telly. They mostly appear during daytime TV, but can also be seen at other times. It seems that from the moment you turn 50 years old, the only advert you see on the box is one basically asking “why haven’t you died yet?”. You’re practically plankton, as far as they’re concerned.

Well, you might be surprised to discover that DJs have the same thoughts as the rest of us occasionally. Which is why I note with interest that Kenny Carpenter, who has been a DJ for some 700 years, has been thinking about his mortality – even posting a curious picture of himself at a graveyard…

Exactly what has Carpenter contemplating all about life and when his number will be called is unknown. All I do know is that he’s only 64 years young – and given we’ve already lost Paul Johnson, Ian Carey, Jason Brooks and Lisa Moody in recent months, let’s not have any more kick the bucket

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.