It doesn’t take long for people to reveal their true selves – in this day and age, it’s simply a question of knowing exactly where to look. But even by the duplicitous standards of dance music, this one takes quite some beating.

Last week, a furore started bubbling up online about MDL Beast Soundstorm. I’ve been covering it on Sunday, Monday and today – and will be coming back to the subject again, be in no doubt. I’m far from alone – and the latest to join in is Terry Farley.

In years gone by, he used to spend his time doing remixes with Pete Heller and counting his bank balance. These days, he spends a fair amount of time on the Faith fanzine – relaunched during the first lockdown of 2020 after a hiatus of some eight years, backed by Defected. The label has not yet responded to my email asking how the relationship works.

Well, Terry Farley is one of the founders of the original magazine. And he’s involved in this incarnation too. He certainly isn’t happy about Soundstorm, saying this on Facebook…

Very forthright. I like it. I agree with it. So why is Faith fanzine, which he works for, promoting Carl Cox T-shirts?

And look whose name appears in the list – none other than Farley himself. Can he seriously not see how this makes him look?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.