Vaccine passports look set to become a thing in England this week. Scotland and Wales introduced them in October, and Northern Ireland are enforcing them from today. And unless the House of Commons vote it down tomorrow – unlikely but not entirely impossible – England enforce them from this Wednesday.

Somehow, my coverage of this issue has not yet mentioned everyone’s favourite anti-vax DJ Danny Rampling – the sort of person who Instagram only allow to stay on the site because otherwise he’d be standing at gates shouting conspiracy theories at cows. So allow me to correct this now by pointing out a little problem that Rampling could have in a few days time.

The man himself is due to appear at Nightclub #3 in sleepy St Leonard’s near England’s south coast on December 17th. Which poses something of a dilemma for him. You see, Rampling is adamantly against vaccine passports – believing them to be a stepping stone to a surveillance society. And no, this blog isn’t keen on them either.

But there’s another problem for Rampling which he never mentions to his followers. Vaccine passports potentially means he will never be able to work in another British nightclub again. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales introducing them was less of a problem for him from this perspective – but his own native England doing it very much is.

Fortunately for him, it’s not a problem he has to address just yet. The venue he’s performing at is upstairs in a pub – where vaccine passports aren’t being utilised under current rules. So he still has a little more time to make his mind up on what to do when this issue inevitably arises.

Maybe he’ll decide to just get vaccinated? Stranger volte-faces have happened. And if he’s worried the vaccines will make him mad, he need not worry – I doubt anyone would notice any difference…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.