Which promoter recently got more than he bargained when a sexual encounter went awry? Word reaches me of an incident a few weeks ago. Apparently, the promoter got himself a free ticket and went to the show of one of the DJs that he represents – by all accounts, this isn’t something he does very often.

The DJ’s set was going well, and the promoter was making moves, Michael Gove style, on the dancefloor. He soon went to the bar for some refreshment. After ordering a bottle of water and a cocktail, he met a lady whom he liked the look of very much. And it turns out the woman in question had refreshment in mind – of the horizontal variety.

They then found out they were both staying at the same hotel. They got back to her room and the lady took off her clothes – and then it all went a bit wrong. An eye witness confirms he subsequently saw him running out of the room – naked, but with something on his head that looked like a giant nappy.

It turns out the woman in question was previously a man – but hadn’t yet completed her gender reassignment surgery. Meaning that when she took off her undergarments, he saw much more than he envisaged…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.