Which DJ has recently to filling his office with mint sweets of any variety? This has come as something of a mystery to his friends – his rider has a specific request in it saying that any hotel he stays at is not to have a chocolate mint placed on his pillow, such is his intense dislike for it.

But he hasn’t had some kind of Damascean conversion onto the plant, despite filling his office with dozens of packets of Polo mints, mint humbugs, assortment packs and Tic-Tacs. The packets are all unopened – although he has been known to offer out the odd packet of Murray Mints to some people who call to his office.

So what’s the reason for hoarding all these minty treats? It turns out he likes to smoke cannabis joints in the office and thinks the mints will conceal the smell. Unfortunately for him, friends tell me it doesn’t – so all that money spent on mints was wasted…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.