Time now for a follow-up to a story which this blog originally published on December 30th. It was about the impending resignation of Caroline Whiteley from Electronic Beats and her friend Whitney Wei failing to disclose that Whiteley is a former colleague and friend for a Resident Advisor article.

I can officially confirm that Whiteley has left Electronic Beats – mostly because she confirmed it herself last Wednesday. In an Instagram post, she writes she’s quit because she wants “to focus on my own writing and editorial projects”. The notoriously insecure world of freelance awaits – or does it?


A source inside Electronic Beats tells me a number of people working in the company were surprised to hear the news that Whitney Wei was leaving to take a new job with rival Resident Advisor. It’s not clear whether Whiteley was amongst them, but her own LinkedIn page reveals she did a stint for Resident Advisor from 2014 to 2018.

The very same place where Whitney Wei is now in charge as editor-in-chief. The two worked at Electronic Beats together for a time and I understand the two used to get on very well. Could a new job from Resident Advisor – who are on a hiring spree at the moment – be on the cards?

Whiteley isn’t saying much at present on the subject, other than she’ll have more news on the future “soon”. And so long as Whiteley doesn’t tell her entire contacts list about it via email before making the news public – again – it looks like it’ll stay that way…

Incidentally, hello to the two journalists at Mixmag who have subscribed to the blog over the past 24 hours using their official work email addresses. Nice of you to join the other dance press people who pretend they’ve never heard of the blog, yet read everything posted on it…

By The Editor

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