It was the US President Franklin Roosevelt’s secretary of state Cordell Hull who said “A lie will gallop halfway round the world before the truth has time to pull its breeches on”. He was referencing the fact whoever gets their side of a story out first is the one who’ll spread it the most – regardless of whether the story is true.

Yesterday, the world found out that Carl Craig died. However, more than one person called Carl Craig exists – and anyone rushing out to buy flowers for the deceased might at least want to check they’ve got the right person first.

It was the film and TV producer Carl Craig who died yesterday. Not the fifty something year old juvenile from Detroit of the same name. At the time of publication, he remains alive and very much not dead – especially if his stream of Instagram stories is anything to go by.

Final word on this matter goes to Michael James. He simply wrote “If there IS a bright side to this, I suppose it’s kinda cool knowing what picture they’re gonna use when you do depart this mortal plane”…

By The Editor

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