Yesterday, I woke up and my back was giving me a little bit of bother. It would play up whenever I attempted certain manoeuvres – something which frequently happens when you look after three small children. I ended up swerving cooking dinner by ordering food from the local Chinese takeaway.

My back is feeling better today, so I suspect I’ll be a bit more active. And that’s how my weekend is going as of this Sunday morning. All the same, I seem to be having a better weekend than Danny Rampling, who attended another protest in London yesterday. Nothing unusual there – but something did seem out of the ordinary, even by his standards.

An anti-fascist reporter called Marc Lister decided to head down there to see for himself what happens at these protests. And lo and behold, he bumped into none other than Danny Rampling – whose face looked distinctly rounder than in recent times and appeared almost gammon like in colour.

Here is his appearance in all its entirely absent glory…

Presumably Rampling means “sovereign” as an adjective – defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “possessing supreme or ultimate power”. But questions over how he defines the word aside, am I the only one sensing he isn’t exactly happy to be asked to speak here?

Perhaps it was the weather – it was a not exactly warm 6°C with mostly cloudy skies in London yesterday. Or maybe it was the whispers going around amongst his fellow anti-vaxxers that Rampling had piled on the pounds which were bugging him.

The last word on this post goes to Louis Barfe, who simply said “As a club DJ in the 1990s, I trust Danny Rampling insisted on a full ingredients list for everything he guzzled or shoved up his not inconsiderable beak.”…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.