The Covid-19 pandemic has been going on now for the best part of two years – and there is some talk in the scientific community that it could now be nearing its end. Increasing levels of immunity due to vaccines and infections mean the virus has far fewer options than in the past, if they’ve got this right.

It sounds logical – but as I’m not a virologist, I’m making no assumptions. But with there being a clamour to get our lives back to something more normal than at present, it’s leading people to ask questions about the future. And one question I briefly had on my mind earlier was this – what is Danny Rampling going to do with his time once all this passes?

For much of the past two years, he’s created a line of work for himself in the campaigning industry – talking about how vaccine passports are a danger to civil liberties and why restrictions breach our human rights. And to be fair to Rampling, not everything he says is wrong – but he’s got involved with some seriously dodgy types over the past two years.

But what will he do when this historic period in time is itself history? Going back to DJing full time is an option, although his name is not what it was with the newer generation. And he can’t even rely on an archive of music that he can rinse all over again for cash – Carl Craig style.

He’s been involved with property before, so a return to this is possible. Perhaps he could do something with Midnight Oil Productions, the company which he owns. However, a return to the restaurant trade – which is currently undergoing difficult times – seems less likely.

Alternatively, he might just move on to a new subject – like many a conspiracy theorist before him has done. The environment is a possible subject, or possibly the rise of the Metaverse – two things which I anticipate will be big issues over the next few years.

And all his words over the past two years? He’ll conveniently forget everything he said – just like he did with his views when the pandemic landed on British shores…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.