There’s always one, isn’t there? I’m sure you’ve probably come across one of these in life, dear reader. The sort of person who constantly claims not to care about the opinions of others – generally speaking, they’re lying to try and conceal some kind of inner insecurity.

And speaking of inner insecurity, we come to the subject of Carl Craig – a man who’s getting increasingly prickly and bad tempered in his old age. Fresh from being called out by this blog for his contemptuous use of the Defected radio show to plug two of disgraced Derrick May’s old tracks, the man who claims not to care what others think posted this…

A few people have got in touch and strongly suspect he’s referencing your favourite blog. How he conducts himself on social media is obviously a matter for him, but his temper tantrum does include the highly interesting words “stay creative”.

To which I simply ask – what creativity is this you speak of, Mr Craig? Creativity involves manifesting something that’s new, or perhaps different to what you’ve done before. I note your mix for Defected did not contain a single record from yourself – nothing new nor nothing old.

Surely someone who was creative in the first place would have plenty of new music they could have played. The Carl Craig of the 90s would have had no difficulty at all filling that hour with new and exciting music solely by himself. What a contrast with the stale, boring Carl Craig we see nowadays.

As Craig gets older, one has to ask whether he’s increasingly advocating Derrick May’s approach of bemoaning everyone else’s supposed lack of creativity whilst also showing none himself. Still, he’s got over six months until he appears at Defected Croatia – perhaps that’s enough time for him to show us he can be “creative”, and maybe even “stay’ so…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.