As I mentioned earlier today, this blog covers stories that range from the deadly serious to the ridiculous. And here’s one which manages to cover a bit of both, weirdly enough.

As I mentioned a while ago, most DJs are notoriously bad communicators. There’s little point asking them for their views on things going in the world – in the case of the bigger names, they know full well there’s a whole team of people who have to clean things up whenever they do speak out, so they don’t.

Hence why the best that Save Our Scene UK could get for their temper tantrum was Judge Jules to deliver a speech which was as rousing as it was dull. And Jules is one of the better communicators in the scene, as anyone familiar with his lyrical metaphors from his old Radio 1 shows can testify.

And elsewhere, the most gripping thing Hannah Wants can say to her 77,000 followers on Twitter is…

Heaven help us.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.