This blog never features anything particularly serious on a Saturday night – save it for Sundays. So let’s go back to a question that I asked all the way back on Monday. What will Danny Rampling do with his time now that England’s restrictions are being lifted?

Well, it appears the answer is unsurprisingly simple. He’s going back to work. He says he hasn’t worked in the past 16 months – a curious stance coming from a man whose position flits between denying the virus exists completely and saying it’s just a cover for losing our freedom. Whatever.

It appears he has eight different gigs lined up over the next two months. And here they are, if you fancy seeing some okay-ish tunes mixed in an okay-ish, Danny Rampling kind of way.

I just hope, partly because it makes my job a lot easier, that he continues posting utterly ludicrous theories about losing freedoms, Agenda 21 and so forth. As I’ve said before, the only one being shown up by Danny Rampling posting such nonsense is Danny Rampling…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.