On the week it was revealed American kids have started speaking with British accents – and Peppa Pig is apparently to blame – I go through the records that’ll have you feeling bloomin’ marvellous and giving you an inexplicable need to make tea.

IQ Musique Feat. Phie Claire – Guiding Star (Blu Lace)
If there’s a man who knows how to put together a vocal track, it’s IQ Musique. This massively underrated producer has done it yet again – this is the second time he’s worked with Phie Claire, and the result is somehow even better than the first time. Soulface from France ups the synths and basslines on his mix, providing a meaty interpretation.

Sybil & Frank Blythe – All The Places We Will Go (Quantize)
When John Khan was sent this to remix, I’m going to hazard a guess that he’d listened to the notorious StoneBridge mix of “Show Me Love” by Robin S earlier in the day. That Korg M1 organ patch would probably be recognised by aliens in outer space, but it works. MK style vocal cut-ups and a saxophone feature heavily too. His version with DJ Spen follows the same trajectory, whereas the original – which should be at the top of the list rather than fourth down – keeps it soulful. An enjoyable release.

Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon Feat. Syren Rivers – Sugar (Undagrnd Freqz)
Fancy going back to the UK in 2000 for a few minutes? The more classy UK garage stuff at the time sounded a lot like this. Matt Jam Lamont and Scott Diaz – who is actually the man behind Echelon – put together a solid production here with Syren Rivers providing a vocal with a real sense of fun.

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