On the week that a man confirmed he’d eaten 32,340 Big Macs since 1972 – there’s been 18,116 days between New Year’s Day 1972 and today, just for context – I go through the records that are infinitely more plausible than eating that many meals at McDonald’s…

Miguel Migs Feat. Andy Allo – Sensations (Soulfuric Deep)
Yes, Soulfuric is now one of the Defected labels. So are quite a few others. That doesn’t mean everything they put out is bad, you know. This is  good one. Sandy Rivera always does a good job with these things – but does he outdo Miguel Migs and his signature dub? That would be a no.

Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper Feat. Byron Stingily – Love Changed Me (REDIMENSION)
Dave Clarke, the Baron of Techno? Yes, the very same. I dreaded it when I first discovered Clarke had been asked to remix this. How on earth was a 90s sounding feel good house track going to work in a frenetic techno context? Thankfully, we aren’t going to find out, as Clarke opted instead to make a deep, soulful version with its roots in early 90s Def Mix. As such, what could have been a disaster has been an absolute triumph. Quite outstanding.

DJ Disciple Feat. Beatweezy – Moon And Paradise (Catch 22)
DJ Disciple is almost single handedly responsible for keeping Demarkus Lewis afloat during the pandemic. Such is the sheer number of remixes emanating from his direction – although the quality always remains high. Is this the strongest remix that Lewis has done for Disciple? Absolutely not. Not by a country mile. Is it still really enjoyable? Most definitely.

Brock Edwards & Jacques Waty – In XTC (Pogo House)
All these remixes, and I still don’t fancy several of them much! The original song is okay, Sacha Virus goes down the M1 piano route and Dr Shemp takes it in a slightly early 90s rave direction. All interesting takes, but the Chico Flash dub does something that little bit more distinctive for my liking.

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