Every single year around this time, the British media goes a little bit crazy. It all goes back to August 31st in 1997. I woke up that Sunday morning to discover that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash in Paris during the night. And in late August/early September since, the UK press go a tad doolally around this time.

Perhaps it’s to distract from their own role in her death, it’s hard to say. Whatever the truth, all kinds of different angles have been used to try and cover this. So I thought I’d use this blog to try one which I’m not sure anyone else will be replicating – no, not even Katie Thomas of Resident Advisor

The March 1998 issue of Muzik Magazine contained the following story…

Yes, the London Evening Standard ran a story in February 1998 claiming that pills with Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed printed on them were going round. Which was news to the drug dealers in London, one of whom confirmed that as far as he was aware, they didn’t exist.

That story emerged some six months after Princess Diana’s tragic death. I note that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died back in April. If history repeats itself, expect some hack with a deadline at the Evening Standard to concoct a story about some dodgy tablets going round with Prince Philip’s face stamped on them.

One of them is making a note of that right now, trust me…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.