On the week that Nicki Minaj’s claim that the Covid vaccine gave her cousin a case of swollen testicles was proven to be b******s, I go through the latest record to find out which ones are the dog’s balls…

Daz-I-Kue Feat. Jill Rock Jones – Tell The Story (Foliage)
At the risk of being ostracised by the soulful house music community, I don’t understand the buzz over Richard Earnshaw. Pretty much everything he turns out either does nothing for me or just sounds like everything he’s done before. So thank goodness for Danny J Lewis who provides an absolutely lovely interpretation here. The bassline bubbling away in the background complimenting that gorgeous vocal along with some fantastic keys make for a very enjoyable remix indeed. So in summary, Earnshaw = avoid. Lewis = dance away!

Tony Fuel Feat. Andrea Brown – Let’s Rise (Pogo House)
Here’s another one which Danny J Lewis remixed a few months ago, to much praise in this column. So I’m not remotely surprised that more versions of this fun little track with Andrea Brown are on the cards. But are they any good? Well, the Tōnis remix provides vocal cut-ups which no one else thought to insert and Rissa Garcia tries the deeper route – pretty successfully, I think. I could pass on the other two.

IQ Musique & Kimicoh – Symphony (Blu Lace Music)
This release doesn’t have Danny J Lewis on it, although I’m sure he’d do a good job if he was. Anyway, IQ Musique and Kimicoh get together yet again in a partnership that continues to produce fruitful results. The main mix is straightforward piano and great for it, and Dany Cohiba provides an unusual interpretation which will no doubt do well too. But for me, it has to be the dubby sounding Q Narongwate mix – the bass bins have their work cut out on this one!

By The Editor

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