On the week that Donald Trump dealt with the most important question of our times by stating he could beat Joe Biden in a fight, I present the latest records that’ll give DJs a fighting chance this weekend.

Demarkus Lewis – Love Is A Mountain (Grin Music)
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Demarkus Lewis and Ross Couch were to get together and make a musical baby? Something very similar to this is my guess. It’s got a vocal from an unknown female, lots of pads, lots of nice piano parts – basically, it’s got the lot. This works extremely well.

Matt D & Claudio Deeper Feat. Michelle Weeks – Living My Life (Raising)
Does the world REALLY need yet another record with a plastic-sounding piano from the Korg M1 which came out in 1988? Father and son Matt D and Claudio Deeper obviously think the answer is yes. The lyrics are pretty inspiring and sung in exactly the way you’d expect from Michelle Weeks and the production seems solid. The dub is decent, too. But other piano presets are available…

DJ Disciple Feat. Butter Betts – Talk That Talk (Catch 22)
This is a fun little number, isn’t it? Lots of attitude in the vocal and excellent production. I don’t quite know what the point of the dub – it’s basically the same arrangement as the main mix, only with almost all of the vocals removed. Oh, and by the way – we’ve already worked out that Ian Vaughnshay isn’t your real name, Mr Demarkus Lewis…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.