On the week that a man out for a walk found a table for two in the woods, I go through the tunes that’ll have you feeling as free as a leaf…

Next Door But One Feat. Patricia Edwards – Those Times 2021 (Chemiztri)
This is a curious number, if ever there was one. I quite like the music, I like most of the vocals too. Yet there are these awfully curious bits where it sounds like the vocal has been played into the song at way too high a BPM. If that doesn’t grate on you, you should give this a go…

DJ Spen & Soulfuledge – Goin’ Home (To See My Savior) (Quantize)
Kerri Chandler has a go at remixing this song, which originally came out on Spen’s album earlier this year. The result isn’t a million miles away from Kerri’s recent remix of “Love And Hate In A Different Time”, but it’s no less enjoyable.

Got Soul Collective – Brotherly Tribute (Pasqua)
This wasn’t an expected collaboration. Danny J Lewis makes his first appearance on Pasqua, a label which leans much closer towards the afro house sound. And much to my surprise, Lewis sticks quite close to his signature sound here. Yet curiously, it all works very well.

Libellula – Crazy Keys (Houseledge)
Nu Ground Foundation – real name Lorenzo Rightini – has developed a real niche for himself over the past few years. If his name isn’t on the label, assume that he’s involved anyway. His sound has touches of the 90s in it whilst not being a slave to the era. And this is one of his finest productions for a while. Classic sounding indeed…

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