On the week a six foot deep pothole was discovered in Northern Ireland, I dig – but possibly not quite that far – for the next new releases of the week, bringing you tunes about as welcome as fresh tarmac to said pothole…

Ross Couch – Deep Down (Body Rhythm)
Mr Couch hasn’t featured on this column for a little while now. I’m not sure exactly why. At one point, pretty much everything he put out ended up being reviewed here. But I’m ever so glad I came across this – there’s something very, very infectious in the groove on this track. Strong work.

Demarkus Lewis – Not Today (One City Music Group)
Does Demarkus Lewis ever sleep? I’m beginning to think the answer is no. The normally prolific producer responded to the pandemic in the only way he could – by increasing his output even further. It also helps his tracks transcend a number of genres within house music. This is on the deeper, smoother side – and I can’t get enough of it.

Arie Mando – Get Together (Bob’s Your Uncle)
This was a treat on the ears. Arie’s original mix is a weird cross of house, garage and rave with cut-up vocals that seems to work. The BLK JCK & B15 Project mix isn’t my cup of tea – but Leandro Di’s version most definitely is.

By The Editor

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