On the week the world discovered the bloke who used to play Barney The Dinosaur now runs a business dedicated to horizontal refreshment of the tantric variety, I go through the records that’ll arouse your attention right now. Ahem.

Duwayne Motley Feat. Zandrina – Gave Up On Love (Viva)
The original of this song is rather decent, and I’m ashamed to say I somehow missed the release. Now here come the Demarkus Lewis remixes. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Lewis here, and I’m pleased to say he’s delivered yet again. The vocal mix is all about making the vocal shine, whereas the dub has a sparser arrangement using more limited bits of the vocal. I’d happily play both in the same set.

Harold Matthews Jr – Peace (Good Vibrations)
The Sean McCabe remixes are almost certainly what’s going to get the attention on this release – so let’s try these first. The bassline does more of the heavy lifting on the vocal mix, complimenting the words of Harold Matthews Jr nicely. The dub gets slightly more jazzy and is musically more interesting for me. The other mixes add nothing to the release.

Aline Rocha Feat. Aria Lyric – Preach (Quantize)
If you want a remix these days which sounds a bit Eric Kupper, you go to Eric Kupper. And if the twice aforementioned Eric Kupper is unavailable, you go to DJ Spen and Reelsoul. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – their remix blows the rest out of the water on this package. Nice, uplifting vocals too.

Mentalinstrum & Zero – Back Together (Grounded)
There’s a couple of new remixes of this one on here. Genetic Funk, the label’s boss, provides no less than three of them. One strong in the main mix, two not so strong elsewhere. The mysterious T70 provides a garage house mix on the harder side. But it’s True2Life who provides the knockout mix on this release. You don’t honestly need anything else…

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