On the week that a man was fined thousands of pounds for playing James Blunt’s music really loudly, I go through the records your neighbours may not mind you playing at high volume. Although it’s still possible they might…

DJ Oji Presents Ed Ramsey – Smile (I Can’t Get Enough) (POJI)
I like the vocals on this one. A strong performance with some good lyrics here. As for the remixes, they’re by none other than Richard Payton of 95 North fame. We don’t hear much from him these days, so when we do, cherish it. This is his best remix since, well, his last one…

Brian Power Feat. Hil St. Soul & Richard Burton – Just Us (Quantize)
Is there an original mix of this? I have absolutely no idea – but this release doesn’t suffer because of a lack of one. Regular Quantize artists DJ Spen and Reelsoul rework this one in their somewhere between deep and soulful. It works well. The main mix concentrates on the vocals, the dub allows the instruments to get a little more jazzy!

Full Flava Feat. Chantay Savage – Get Down Saturday Night (Dome)
Yes, this is a cover of Oliver Cheatham’s song from 1983 – I still remember listening to it whilst driving around in Vice City. Anyway, enough of that. I was dreading listening to this one precisely because it’s a cover. I need not have worried. The music here is all new and Chantay Savage sings it in a very different way to any I’ve heard it done before. Bravo to Terry Hunter on some really strong remixes.

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