On the week that some poor sod in Australia was given the job of getting two women pregnant at exactly the same time, I go through the final batch of records for 2021. See, no joke!

Like Minded Souls Feat. Mira Haven – Sunshine (Soul Good)
There seem to be a lot of records like this doing the rounds at the moment. Songs that feel quite summery, but being released at the grimmest time of year. Perhaps it’s the release backlog caused by the pandemic. Anyway, this is lovely. Nice production, smooth vocals – nothing to dislike at all.

Dantiez Saunderson & Andre Salmon Feat. Kwedjatey – Day N’ Nite (Good For You)
Mercifully, this is not a cover of a Kid Cudi song from over a decade ago. I like the vocals, I like the song, but the original leaves me a little bored. Lenny RX and Kenny Summit do a decent effort on the remix, but it’s the Scott Diaz mix which is the pick here. It adds something interesting to the release which wasn’t there before.

James Deron Feat. Precious James – Everywhere (King Street)
Now this is an interesting little one. If you like your piano a bit more on the thumping side, stick to the original. If you want something deeper, head straight to the pretty enjoyable Wurli Piano version. But it’s the remix from Fizzikx that stands out here. It reminds me a little of the Eric Kupper remix of “Fade” by Solu Music. Altogether a strong package.

Danny J Lewis – Slipped Away (Just Underground)
I love Danny J Lewis tracks. They’re fun, they’ve got bags of personality, they’ve got a distinct signature sound without all sounding the same, and they’re not mixed down to death. This means they stand out over at least 95% of what comes out each week. This is no exception. And the inclusion of a festive mix is quite a nice touch, given the time of year we’re in. Don’t forget to leave your mince pie out for Santa, Danny!

Distant People Feat. Jaidene Veda – Circles (Soulstice Music)
I don’t normally include pre-orders in this column, but as this is the last column of the year, it would be a pity for you to miss this one. The original of this is one of those records you might have heard back on Om Records compilations years ago – it doesn’t do much, and you get the impression it doesn’t want to. Head instead for the Reelsoul remix, which has far better music to accompany those wonderful, breathy vocals.

Jon Mavek – U Can’t Understand (Mavek)
Another one that isn’t due out next week – but since this column won’t be here then, I’ll review it now ! Fun piano stuff on the original – if not exactly earth shattering – gives way to possibly the last Demarkus Lewis remix of 2021. And that’s also, by coincidence, the number of remixes he’s put out this year. Anyway, he ditches the piano for a deeper feel. It works. As if it wouldn’t…

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Six On Saturday column, and indeed a wrap for the whole year. Releases are extremely thin on the ground over the Christmas period, so it’s time to give it a few weeks off. Normal service resumes on January 8th next year. Thanks to everyone for making the brilliant music which gets featured here…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.