What IS going on at Glasgow Underground? Rattled record label posts rant about Danny Tenaglia’s “hate campaign” – and then a producer claims he hasn’t been paid for his releases

Update (14/12/2021) - Kevin McKay points out that T Markakis was in fact paid shortly after he went public with his allegations. Happy to correct the record. As I write on this Monday morning, it hasn't been a good weekend over at Glasgow Underground. Some weeks ago, Danny Tenaglia launched…

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I was told I’d have 5G and a phone call from Bill Gates by now, but I’m still waiting – so having had my second Covid jab this weekend, how DID the anti-vaxxers get it so wrong?

The anti-vaxxers have been telling us for months now that you shouldn't get the Covid vaccine. It's part of an evil plot so that Bill Gates can take over the world by sending drones running on Microsoft Windows round to your house to spy on you with the microchip. Or…

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