It turns out that it’s not just Sasha who’s been busy making an album over the past year. His DJing partner in crime John Digweed has been doing it too. I suspect, at this point, it might be easier to list the names of people who haven’t been making an album during the pandemic, but I digress.

You can read all about the thought processes that went into it and all kinds of other bits over at Attack Magazine. But I decided to pursue a completely different question. What else was John Digweed doing during lockdown? Was he making bread, just like his Welsh superstar DJ friend?

In the Attack interview, he merely says “I’ve been trying to keep myself as busy as I possibly can”, which doesn’t really answer the question. An email has been sent to Mr Digweed seeking to find an answer to this not very important question.

I’m hoping he has. I need at least some kind of excuse to fill a post with bread puns…

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