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There’s a new single out on Upcycle, one of the New State Music labels at the moment. It’s called “The One” and it’s by Ryuken and Mutya Buena, she of Sugababes fame. It’s a decent track, although nowhere near long enough to play for my liking.

If you take a look around social media, you’ll notice there hasn’t been much promotion of this release. And there’s been almost none at all on the part of Mutya Buena. On the face of it, not having her more involved in promoting the song seems a rather odd strategy.

However, it might be best if she keeps her mouth shut. According to this week’s aforementioned Popbitch newsletter, amongst other things, was this…

“The original line-up of the Sugababes is back and teasing a new release – but why is it only Keisha and Siobhan doing their first big interview? Could it have anything to do Mutya’s summer on social media, dabbling in QAnon conspiracies and casually making some highly libelous allegations about satanic celebrity sex rituals – the sort of thing that might cause a few legal headaches if published more formally?”

That explains a few things…

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