Some curious reporting going on today about this story. The very high minded dance music press either can’t be bothered doing the work or think it’s somehow beneath them. But I don’t!

Muff Wiggler (yes, there really is a forum called that) has changed its name to Mod Wiggler. Anyone who’s British is probably laughing right now, and in a minute, quite a few other nationalities will be too. Writing on the forum itself

“Effective today, we are now Mod Wiggler… We will not be rewriting history. We will not be changing old post contents. We are not banning or scrubbing words. I’m not going to go into details about why the name was changed. That and settling on a new name was hard enough. It’s done and not open for debate.”

This is why you need to make sure you’re in a happy place before you start writing – it can give you a haddock otherwise. It appears they don’t want a debate on why they changed the name – but I’m breeming with the prospect of telling you anyway…

I have two theories as to what happened. Here goes. The first is that they discovered that Muff is actually the name of a village in Co Donegal in the Republic of Ireland – and that people online who were looking for information about the village ended up reading about vintage synthesisers.

This neither satisfied the people who wanted to talk about some obscure synth from 1965 that no one had ever heard of, nor the people who wanted to enquire whether The Fishy Muff has decent chips. This, also, is a highly unlikely explanation for the name change.

Much more plausible is this theory. Someone somewhere has finally pointed out that muff is, in fact, a British slang term for lady parts.

It didn’t take them to mullet over, but I’ve concluded they didn’t the name was much good to anyone who wanted to tuna synth. Let minnow in the comments if you can think of a better name…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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