My post last Friday about a very shrewd business deal on the part of David Guetta, the piñata of EDM, making a nice $100million from a deal signing his old masters over to Warner Music reminded me of another episode in the life of Guetta. And it would be churlish of me not to share the fun with you all.

This goes back to the year 2013. Wunderground published this article, which remains live on the site to this day. The gist of it is that David Guetta pressed play on the wrong CD whilst DJing and clubbers heard a self-help CD for chorophobia – the name for an irrational fear of dancing.

Guetta’s solicitor appeared to think the article was fact. It seemed they didn’t know that Wunderground is essentially dance music’s version of The Onion and sent them an order demanding it was taken down.

Wunderground told Guetta’s lawyer to get stuffed. The page remains online to this day and no further correspondence was received – although Wunderground’s reply did suggest that “if your client is so worried about the DJ Mag voting season, he should stop wasting his time and mine sending his legal team chasing after comedians, and instead concentrate on making music people actually want to vote for.”.

Whilst all this was going on, Frankie Knuckles responded to the controversy – apparently unaware it was satirical – with this…

Which reminds me more than a little of this.

It wasn’t exactly his finest hour…

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