There’s no denying that Amanda O’Rioridan loves her husband, Judge Jules. We know this because she endlessly tells us she loves him. Don’t get me wrong here – there’s nothing wrong with loving your spouse, but there’s a balance in everything.

Here’s her latest effort. She praises Jules for his sense of hard work and calls him “a great inspiration” and “a perfect role model to my children”…

And I’m not going to question any of that. Jules has kept himself busy through his entire career. At one time in the 1990s, he used to balance an extremely busy DJ schedule with a show on BBC Radio 1 – not to mention being head of A&R at the hugely successful Manifesto Records.

However, Jules hasn’t just worked hard. He’s played hard too – oddly, that bit never appears in Amanda’s glowing references to her husband. In an interview with Muzik Magazine back in 1999, Jules is asked about rumours that a lot of, ahem, opportunities were thrown his way before he met and married Amanda.

When asked about numbers, he replied “Vastly more than you could count on two hands, but counting is for teenagers, isn’t it? Let’s just say the bottom line was that I took advantage of a lot of opportunities which came my way”.

And there was the older generation hoping those 90s magazines wouldn’t end up being digitised…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.