Trax Records has never exactly been a label brimming with integrity in everything it did. Its early days are filled with stories about how founder Larry Sherman ripped people off, got credits on releases wrong – not to mention the notorious claims about the label’s business practices.

It was well known Trax used recycled vinyl in order to reduce running costs. It wasn’t unusual for DJs to purchase a Trax release and hear part of the record previously on the vinyl in a past life. Bits of paper sticking out of the vinyl were also reported – and at least one record contained scraps from a ham sandwich eaten by Derrick Carter…

And now we have what appears to be a crime against audio being committed by the label who previously brought us atrocities such as “Wash Your Hands”. Trax have done their own version of “You Used To Hold Me”. Because obviously, all the mixes that already exist of the Ralphi Rosario and Xaviera Gold sing aren’t enough. So, what does this version with label boss Screamin’ Rachael warbling over it sound like?

Er, like this.


By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.