When I started Amateur’s House a few months ago, I wasn’t expecting to end up writing about the environment. Still, it shows you what I like about running this blog – no two days are ever quite the same. So today, I’m back on the subject of climate change, and what one venue has decided to do to reduce their carbon emissions and save themselves a few quid too.

The SWG3 Studio Warehouse, to give its full name, are based in Glasgow and have come up with a new system that’ll save them a packet and save the polar bears too. They have installed a system in the club where the body heat generated by crowds can be converted into electricity. Heat is transported into a series of boreholes where it can be stored for several months before being utilised.

Hence why there’s no chance of the venue being plunged into darkness if clubbers stop dancing because it’s the end of the night, or whether the DJ has played a stinker of a record.

Now all they have to do is invite some of the big gas-guzzlers of dance music – according to a Clean Scene report from April, these include Louie Vega, Derrick Carter and Black Coffee – down, give them a nice Scottish welcome and get them to do plenty of dancing during their sets.

It might help offset some of their gargantuan emissions…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.